Bhagat Singh and present-day India: spreading the message of revolution

Dedicated to the memory of Com. Abhitej Singh Sandhu
The sudden death of Bhagat Singh’s grandnephew Abhitej Singh Sandhu is a challange for us: the propagandists of Bhagat Singh’s ideas. Abhitej always wanted to publicize the views of his grand-uncle. He once said to me that: “Shaheed-e-azam’s ideology and spirit are now more relevant than ever. In times when everyone is trying to paint Bhagat Singh with their own brush, it is very important for the true Bhagat Singh to be understood.” By this we could gain the support from the masses, because without the support of the working masses, how can we bring a revolution? A revolution which would end all sorts of man by man and country by country exploitation of which Bhagat Singh dreamt of. Now it is the time for us to challange the existing order of things by radical means and make the dreams possible in ground reality. India’s present social and economic condition is threatened by the ills of fascist imperialism along with communalist and fundamentalist politics. Crony Capitalism is triumphing in our country ( How can we (by ‘we’ I mean the youth of this country, including me) simply sit and make big speeches? We have to make use of mediums like facebook, twitter etc. to gain better public support. Universities can also act as a powerful medium for the transportation of our ideas through the students because the “…party requires workers which can be recruited only through the Youth movement. Hence we find the Youth movement as the starting point of our programme. The youth movement should organize study circles, class lectures and publication of leaflets, pamphlets, books and periodicals. This is the best recruiting and training ground for political workers.”(Bhagat Singh, From ‘To young Political Workers’) Other than this we have to work directly on the fields, we have to go and awaken the working people from the villages and the factories and make them realise of the greatest threats in the existing system which increases wealth yet increases misery at the same rate. Millions of farmers and labourers are dying because of this system based on manifest injustice. Economic exploitation has brought misery and death to the millions who work hard to get a handful of rice. We should utilize these special environments to bring about a radical change which has become not only necessary but also inevitable. It is not the time for picking up guns and pistols, but it is the time to spread this above indicated revolutionary message in the far corners of our country to awaken the working masses from their slumber which the capitalists have imposed upon them along with the extreme form of alienation (ref. Bhagat Singh’s ‘Message to Punjab Student’s Conference’) Youth of the country, wake up! Raise up the banner of revolt! Go ahead with maximum self confidence and conviction towards working for a magnificent cause and minimize your individualism. Comrades, suffer and sacrifice through service. We should not forget the example of the earlier revolutionary struggle against both British and Indian imperialism aroused by Bhagat Singh and his comrades. We would never forget the motto of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association and Naujawan Bharat Sabha. Always do remember the words of Marx: “…material force must be overthrown by material force; but theory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.”
In behalf of the ‘Bhagat Singh Study Circle ‘

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