Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were not human beings. Tsar was not a human being. Neither were the French colonizers of Vietnam. Nor were Chiang Kai Shek and Fulgencio Batista. They all belong to the barbaric, brutal and blood-hungry class of exploiters which have changed its form in each historic epoch, but have never changed their repressive character.

Revolutions were made against the despotism of the social system they represented to check the march of reaction, to check the march of exploitation, to check the march of anti-humanitarian forces that has ruined the Earth.

That is why we should never trust imperialism, in no way at all!

The earth belongs to the toiling people and those who are with them. This is a truth that has lived for centuries and will continue to live as long as humanity exists. This truth needs no heavenly revelation. The toiling people have the right to own the thing they have produced with their hard labour. Only the workers must have complete mastery over the whole production process. Who can doubt the validity of these statements other than the exploiters and the supporters of their oppressive ideas?

Exploitation must cease, at all costs. Our purpose is to do away with the appropriation of labour by capital which takes place in the capitalist society. Capitalism is basically the system where the ‘few’ gets enriched at the expense of the labour of the ‘many’. This is the reason why in this type of society, the ‘few’ owns everything and the few decides everything whereas the ‘many’ always gets deprived of their elementary rights. This fundamental contradiction which is embedded in the unjust capitalist order would not be able to sustain for long.

Would we miss the chance, again? For how long would the toiling masses of the world wait? They have waited long enough. Enough!

No more waiting, no more hesitation. Strike the blow in the heart of the bourgeoisie state machinery. Away with the reform-seekers, away with the negotiators, away with the pro-bourgeoisie sentiments and away with the BOURGEOISIE STATE MACHINERY, the sole sustainer of class antagonisms! Let the symphony of revolution break all that is solid, all that is holy; let man come back to the full realization of his own species-being, his own self!

Great empires have crumbled, but the ideas have continued their march with new vigour and new strength. The ideas that have stayed with the people have always won; this has been proved in history plenty of times and needs no further explanation.

Today, there exists only one answer to all the questions: REVOLUTION. A worldwide political-economic revolution. Go to the toiling people and awaken them by using revolutionary means. Try to teach them the importance, the necessity of working with us in this grave situation. A degrading situation caused by the capitalist forces to propagate their exploitative demands.

The working people must learn where their real happiness lies. A radical reconstruction of the whole society is the need of the time. Further progress is impossible without it. Let us raise the cry of a progress without contamination!

History has taught us great lessons, but some more are to be followed…

Prepare for a global socialist revolution backed by the global solidarity of the working people.

Long Live Revolution!
Working Men of All Countries, Unite!

Com. Akhar


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