Why I am an Atheist: reposing Bhagat Singh’s answer

It seems to me that the propaganda of atheism as an integral part of the broader scientific socialist/Communist movement has become indispensable in today’s conditions. The situation of my homeland specifically, India, has become worse under the tyrannical rule of the religious fundamentalist fascists. It remains the duty of us, the revolutionary socialists, to join in the explicit propaganda of atheism against the religious forces and also against the invalid theory of “Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava” (Unity of All Religions) under the garb of secularism as preached by the Indian Constitution. If we really want to materialize our dream of a ” republic of reason ” , where the diffusion of sympathy to all would become the sole guiding spirit; Then let us redouble our efforts at the present juncture and march ahead without confusion and fear.


To read, CLICK HERE.


@Com. Akhar


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