Shaheed Rajguru: a RSS activist or a Marxian socialist?

In a book entitled “Bharatvarsh ki Sarvang Swatantrata (The complete freedom of India)”, the writer cum RSS pracharak Narendra Sehgal writes that revolutionary freedom fighter Shaheed Shivram Hari Rajguru (1908-1931) was actually a “swayamsevak”, or a member of the RSS.

(Source report:

But what does this fact really entail? Does this entail that Rajguru believed in the establishment of a hindu rashtra through hindutvavadi means?

Bhagat Singh researcher Prof. Chaman Lal has correctly noted, that “…earlier, the RSS tried to suggest that Bhagat Singh was associated with them. There is no proof to suggest Bhagat Singh or Rajguru were part of the RSS; the biographies written by their associates also do not make any mention of these claims”.

What Rajguru actually stood for can be understood through a careful study of the material written by his comrades. Let us have a look at what Com. Shiv Verma wrote regarding him in his famous REMINISCENCES (“Sansmritiyan”):

Rajguru believed that communism or socialism was the future path of a country. This does not mean that he had understood the philosophy of socialism. What is socialism? How can it be established? What will be the broad outlines of socialism? He did not fully understand such questions. He only knew that presently the hard earnings of the labour class went to the coffers of the capitalist class. Instead, there would be neither rich nor the poor in the socialistic society. No one would exploit anyone nor would one country subjugate any other country.

In spite of his ignorance of the principles of Marxism and communism, one who has seen poverty, has seen much humiliation, how much bitterness and how many reverses are there in poverty, the above said belief is sufficient to make one firmly believe in socialism. Raj Guru too had been attracted towards socialism out of the experiences of his life. This attraction turned into deep belief in socialism afterwards. Once a debate on socialism began between Master Agya Ram and Raj Guru in the jail — Agya Ram was an Arya Samajist — He supported the concept of equality in socialism but was bitterly against atheism and materialism. When both the sides in a debate are not clear about their conceptions the result is heated arguments. In the same way their debate also ended. Masterji said sarcastically, “You are shouting ‘socialism, socialism’, do you know what it is all about? First learn to distinguish between a horse and a donkey then argue.” Raj Guru also was not one to yield. “Look Masterji,” he said standing up. “I do not know whether socialism is a horse or a donkey but I can safely say if it is a donkey it will still thrive in the world. Then you too will have to bow before it.” 

The RSS, which participated in an “anti-freedom movement” (a la Chaman Lal) during the British colonial times, now tries to appropriate the legacy and ideology of those who have had acquired, through their struggle, a golden place in the nation’s revolutionary movement.

So all such attempts to rewrite history need to be condemned & countered.






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