“Where that glory? Where that reverence now?”
Let us restore the ideal of “India” as conceived in its Constitution!

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Compiled By Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay

“If thou cannot save me, why unfurl such deafening arrangements then?”


The following statistics (if statistical data are to be believed! According my personal experience, Sahibs oftenallege that this country for poor data quality despite this country has celebrated institutes, viz., Indian Statistical Institute, National Sample Survey etc. Cf. (a)Data deficit and India’s peripheral States; (b)Why India lacks quality in its demographic and health data?) of India (Population: 135.26 Crores and still counting, July, 2020) speaks for itself about the condition of the country. It has worsened during the catastrophic situation due to COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Hunger Index: rank 102 out of 117 qualifying countries (2019)
  2. Unemployment rate: 8.74% of the population (2020)
  3. GDP growth rate: 1.9% post-lockdown (2020), following global recession. GDP per capita rank 42nd (nominal; 2020) 124th (PPP; 2020)
  4. According to The Economist (2016), India occupied the ninth…

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