A plea to Mr. Parakala Prabhakar and Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman for a free and just society on behalf of the DHFL FD Holders

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Mr.Parakala Prabhakar,

Former Communications Adviser, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Sub:A plea for a free and just society on behalf of the DHFL FD Holders

Dear Mr.పరకాలప్రభాకర్Parakala Prabhakar,

Hope you and your family are maintaining good health in the midst of (a) anthropogenicglocal(=global+local) heating and (b) worldwide proliferation of fascist forces clubbed with market fundamentalism, that encourages free flow of private capital that exploits nature by considering it as a “free gift”.

We are emphasizing on these two above mentioned frightening crises:

A.after going through yourblog, and especially your excellent thought provokingop-ed article, published inThe Hindu(October 14, 2019⤡);

B.after knowing that your favourite book is Stephen Hawking’sBrief Answers to the Big Questions. The book points out one of the biggest threats to our planet: irreversible consequences ofclimate changethat would make our climate…

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