An Appeal For Intervention For Some Of The Charitable Institutes Hit By The DHFL Scam: Letters To The Ambassadors Of France, Germany, Great Britain And Switzerland To India

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Sub:An appeal for intervention for the charitable institutes hit by the DHFL Scam

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to request you to kindly look into the following matter:


Due to this scam, the following societies are deprived of their financial dues and they cannot tithe to the physically challenged children; cannot contribute to the poor’s education and nutrition; cannot continue with their media training:

1.Marian Education Centre

2.Chitrabani Society

3.Howrah South Point

All the above institutes are getting donations from the citizens of your nation.

This is an event of grave importance and to be intervened as a matter of utmost urgency. We, trying to beGood Samaritans, will be obliged to you if you kindly intervene into the matter for the sake of poor, underprivileged, physically challenged and deprived children of West Bengal, India. Kindly note…

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