Profaning Gomātā: Save Mother Cows From Atrocities— An SOS From The Children Of Gomātā: a letter to the President of India

Once in a Blue Moon Academia


This paper is on the devastating condition of the cows and bulls in India despite the fact that the cow is considered as the sacred holy mother of the Hindus. This exploitative condition of the animal is associated with the condition of the human beings (the subjects of the Republic of India) in a metaphorical manner. Psychoanalytic tools are deployed to understand this love-hate relationship with the female body embedded within the high-caste Hindu Brahmins. This aporia is also observed in the reverse sexism of the Hindu worldview.







The HonourablePresident,

Republic ofIndia,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi- 110004

Sub: Profaning Gomātā: Save Mother Cows…

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