Atheism, Happiness And Miseries Of DHFL FD Holders In A Religious Fundamentalist Regime: a letter to Mr. M. K. Stalin

Once in a Blue Moon Academia


Mr. M. K. Stalin,

The Honourable Chief Minister,Tamil Nadu


The Honourable President,Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam(DMK)

Sub:Atheism, Happiness And Miseries OfDHFL FD HoldersIn A Religious Fundamentalist Regime

Respected Mr. Stalin,

Firstly, we must not only congratulate you for winning the recent assembly election in Tamil Nadu, but also for your atheisticswearing by foregrounding yourconscience. Deleting the ritualistic pronouncement of Mr. God (?) is rarest of the rare event in the context of contemporary India, where religious dogmatism, heathen ostentatious idol/statue nationalism,chauvinisticreligious extremism, market fundamentalism, communalism,gender and caste-class discriminationhave veiled the real miseries of the earthians—“homo sapiens sapiens”species beings (As remarked by C. N. Annadurai:“Onrey kulam oruvaney devan”, i.e.,“one community, one gold”), especially Indian citizens (yet to be proven by the tiresome process ofNPR-NRC-CAA!!!⤡). The need of the hour is the“Secular Progressive Alliance” to…

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