An Open Letter To Mr. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar concerning DHFL FD Holders

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

The responsibility of writing such letter will be borne by the signatory, i.e., Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay—none other than he is to be held responsible for such letter (I am saying so as many of his friends are extremely scared and suffering from persecutory paranoia). It is an appeal for peaceful co-existence without atrocities. He is indebted to them, who oppose this letter by branding it as “anti-national” and “seditious”. He has conveyed his deep regards to them. Long live international equality, liberty and fraternity. According to the author of this letter, Indian economy has both the de jure and de facto domains: legal financial activities as well as shadow activities. Please note that DHFL scam is also associated with late Iqbal Mirchi, one of the associates of Mr. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.

Dedicated to Dr. Kafeel Khan, Varavara Rao and other “Anti-national Urban Naxals

Dear Mr. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar,


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