Ram-ification Of  Rāma Ram-shackles Us: Our Ram-Desi-Vir? An Appeal From DHFL FD-Holders

Once in a Blue Moon Academia


The HonourablePresident,

TheRepublic of India,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi- 110004


― Dev Dantreliya,

Chanakya Niti on Corruption:

Glimpses of how Chanakya tackled menace of corruption 300 BCE in India?⤡

Sub:Ramification OfRāmaRamshackles Us: OurRam-Desi-Vir?

An Appeal From DHFL FD-Holders

RespectedĀcārya, ourGorakṣaka,

After hearingPM Modi’s speech after Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir in AyodhyāVIEW HERE,we have some humble questions (whether pertinent or not—we do not know) to eradicate our confusions. This is to request you to kindly unveil the “truths” behind the Lord Rāma(s).

After knowing from the Hon. PM’s Narendra Modiji’s speech that there is “gunj” (reverberation) of theRāmāyaṇathroughout the world, we had Googled it and found in the Wikipedia…

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