An Appeal for Suo Moto Cognizance for the Victims of the DHFL Scam: a letter to the Honourable Chief Justice of India

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||यतोधर्मस्ततोजय: ||


Sri Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana,

The Honourable Chief Justice,

The Supreme Court of India

Sub: Requesting for taking Suo Moto Cognizance (Access to remedy)for saving the lives of ailing victimsof business-related abusesduring the pandemic in association with the biggest scam in India related to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL)

Respected Sir,

We, the victims of thescam⤡related to Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (henceforth DHFL), are reallyrejuvenatedafter two consecutiveSuo Motoactions taken by the Indian Supreme Court by using their inherent powers by taking cognizance of the two serious matters on its own.

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