I Witness: Partial Observation of the DHFL Scam by the victims (from their WOR(L)D WITHIN): requesting for your kind advocacy: a letter to Mr. Kapil Sibal

Once in a Blue Moon Academia


Mr. Kapil Sibal,

The Honourable Member of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Former Honourable Minister,

The Ministry Of Science & Technology,

The Ministry Of Human Resource Development,

The Ministry Of Communications & IT,

The Ministry Of Law & Justice

Sub:I Witness: Partial Observation⤡of the DHFL Scam by the victims (from theirWOR(L)D WITHIN⤡): requesting for your kind advocacy

DearPoet,Player,Performer,Politician andPleader, our belovedP5,


We, the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd (DHFL)FD-NCD-holders’ team, are hit by the repeated bouncers by the RBI-appointed Committee of Creditors (CoC) for DHFL under the newly introduced IBC 2016.

We are gravely injured by the cricket ball faster than 161.3km/h. Our docile bodies have crossed the threshold of our tolerance level. We are crippled as we possess node factohelmets, jockstraps/abdominal guards or impact resistant…

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