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Posted on 19th February, 2022

In connection with our article FALSE ALLEGATIONS ON THE COLLUSION AMONG THE BJP, DAWOOD-MIRCHI AND THE DHFL: A LETTER TO THE BJP PRESIDENT⤡ based on various media reports, we have placed an RTI (to the Ministry of Economic Affairs) on 15.02.2022 for knowing the truth behindthe DHFL Scam⤡, i.e., for specifically checking the fact of the collusion among Dawood Ibrahim-Iqbal Mirchi-RKW-DHFL-BJP.

The true copy of our RTI application (along with attachment) are placed below:

1. It is found in different media reports (to be found in the annexed supporting document) that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is involved in Terror Funding/Political Charity/Political Donation with international gangsters, viz., Dawood Ibrahim and Iqbal Mirchi, regarding RKW DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED (Dheeraj Realty) and the DEWAN HOUSING FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (DHFL). Please inform us regarding this case of alleged terror funding.


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