Why the Interpol is not taking steps against the Indian super-rich willful defaulters listed under the red notice?

#Seize_Cronies_Fairplay_for_DHFL_Victims #Boycott_Piramal #Stop_Piramal_From_Acquiring_DHFL

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 21/07/2022

Suppose, hypothetically speaking, I have taken a loan of 2 lakh rupees from a PSU or Private Bank and I have cut a sorry figure to repay the loan. My mortgages would be seized almost immediately and I, a willful defaulter, would be incarcerated.

However, in India, the astronomical amount of loans taken by willful defaulters (amounting approximately to a staggering 90k crores!) are either waived off or written off. They are thereby allowed to roam scot-free like discharged jailbirds. Why these lumpen bourgeoisie are not caught and the money taken by them be invested in the welfare of the Indian republic? The same thing should also be applied in the case of those who deposited money in the Swiss Bank. Last year, during the Second Wave of the Pandemic, PSU Banks had technically written off 68k crores in favour of such super-rich willful defaulters!

Banks Technically…

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