An RTI to the Department of Legal Affairs regarding the disputed ownership status of the DHFL

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Posted on 20/09/22

We have filed another RTI Application, addressing it to the Department of Legal Affairs, Government of India, by asking the following two questions:

1. Are there any legal cases related to the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL) that are still under adjudication or sub judice or are pending?
2. Is Piramal Capital and Housing Finance (PCHF) the sole owner of the DHFL after Mr. Ajay Piramal’s appeal (March 2022) at the Supreme Court of India against the NCLAT order (27/01/2022) that designated the DHFL CoC as contrary to law?


Given below is the PDF of the said RTI Application:

Update: The RTI Application was transferred from the Department of Legal Affairs to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs:

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