Why do we need the Buddha beyond the Sangh?

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 31/10/2022

Gautama Buddha (563 BCE—483 BCE)

On 14 October 1956, Ambedkar administering 22 vows after renouncing Hinduism at Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur

Dedicated to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar…

Ambedkar’s warnings about “Bhakti in politics” (From 07:06 minutes of the video)

For in India, Bhakti or what may be called the path of devotion or hero-worship, plays a part in its politics unequalled in magnitude by the part it plays in the politics of any other country in the world. Bhakti in religion may be a road to the salvation of the soul. But in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Speech in the Constituent Assembly (25th November, 1949)

· Perhaps you have noticed that we have used Buddha’s skeletal image as part of our Once in a Blue Moon Academia (OBMA) logo. Why? Primarily, there are…

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