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Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 27/11/2022


The following papers, mainly written in Bangla, concentrate on the roles of social science and humanities in the domain of specialized environmental science. If the disasters caused by climate change are believed to be inevitable fact, as predicted by some of the scientists, what shall be done by the social “engineers” (!)? Is it not the moral responsibility of the organic intellectuals, barring technical intelligentsia, to leave their mechanical reproduction of cultural capital and join their hands to reduce the poisonous effects of contemporary military-industrial society?

Many of them, specially my institutional colleagues (both geologists and economists) do not ‘believe’ the entire notion of anthropogenic global warming and the sustainable retreat from the developmental paradigm is not in their priority list; some of my communist friends and students do not care for such ‘myth’. All of them ridicule me for my concern.

However, my…

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