Nominating the discoverers of “Einsteinian Pain Waves” for the Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted 27/12/2022


Marc Abrahams,

The Editor,

Improbable Research


David Kessler,

The General Manager,

Improbable Research

Sub:Nominating Dr. M. M. Bajaj, Dr. Syed Ibrahim and Dr. Vijayraj Singh for the Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology

Dear Sirs,

It is to kindly request you to awardDr. Madan Mohan Bajaj,Dr. Syed IbrahimandDr. Vijayraj Singh(The “BIS” or Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh trio) the Ig Nobel Prize inPsychologyfor their paradigm-shifting contribution in discovering the causal relation between the pain waves felt by the bovine species in slaughterhouses and the occurrence of earthquakes or seismic plate movements under their revolutionary neologism of “Einsteinian Pain Waves” (EPW)in the context of the Hindu Bharat/India, the citizens of which consider the holy cow as their mother. Even the Hindu citizens prefer to consume the cow urine or cow dung for their medicinal properties in healing or curing any…

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