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Posted on 30th December, 2022

In India, it is observed that politically projected Hindutva is often opposed by the Hindus themselves. Factually speaking, Hinduism is not an organized, institutionalized religion per se. There are innumerable diversities, heterogeneities and pluralities under the umbrella designation of “Hindu”. If anyone tries to define Hinduism as a caste-based religion, that will be a great mistake since Vaisnavas and Buddhists (Buddha is projected as one of the ten avataras of Lord Vishnu) do not subscribe the caste hierarchy.

Moreover, the recent trend of converting persons with other religious affiliation to Hindus is questionable enough as one cannot ascribe caste identity to the converted one within the liminal ritual of religious conversion, which is frequently being described as “ghar wapsi” (return to the home).

Over 100 people convert to Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh’s Khurja: BJP MLA VIEW HERE ⤡ (As reported…

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