King Liar: the pseudology of contemporary Indian politics


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 05/01/2023

As an ardent Modibhakt, I was concentrating on the unimaginable development of India under the apt guidance of Modiji in the past few years. I was viewing the report card of Modiji published by Godi Media since 2014, when he came to the forefront of the political spectrum in order to rescue the glorious Hindutva or Sanatana dharma.

My concentration was distracted by the same person, an urban Naxal, Liberandu, member of a tukde tukde gang, whom you people already know from my earlier post: I come to praise Modiji… VIEW HERE ⤡

He came to my house to deliberately irritate me once again. After snatching away my laptop, he made some quick google searches and each time showed the result-screen to me with a crooked grin on his face. The keyword for these searches was “liar Modi”. I was ashamed to see…

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