Aadiya and Krishna Piramal: Best Wishes to Newborn Twins in Ambani-Piramal Family from the DHFL Victims

#Seize_Cronies_Fairplay_for_DHFL_Victims #art_of_resistance_against_autocracy #Stop_Piramal_From_Acquiring_DHFL #alleged_dawood_mirchi_rkw_dhfl_bjp_collusion

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 10/01/2023

Dear Aadiya and Krishna Piramal,

When you will attain adulthood,

When you will view the dismantled planet earth,

Both Antilia and Gulita will be submerged by then,

Swallowed by the saline water of a raging Arabian Sea;

The planet will be

Crushed by the greed of the super-riches themselves.

The solid ESG Fund

Will melt into the air

By welcoming the fatal anthropogenic crises.

You will witness

The consequences of the climate catastrophe

From a safer space station

Please care to notice

That your safest locus is stained by

The bloods of the

Lesser mortals,

Helpless Victims of your forefathers’ deeds,

Masked by the modest and humble

Spiritual faith—

The modern penitent of Vishnu, the capitalist”!

Dear twins,

We, the other 98%,

The victims of your predecessors’ business strategies

Wish both of you


And lengthy lives.

Our last breath

Mingling with the ubiquity of…

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