Some open, controversial questions to Mr. Ajay Piramal regarding the DHFL Acquisition


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 11/01/2023


Mr. Ajay Piramal

Sub:Some open questions to Mr. Ajay Piramal regarding DHFL Acquisition

Dear Piramal,

We have some unresolved questions to ask you. We know that you won’t answer the questions. Still, we are drowning persons, trying to catch a fig as we don’t have any faith in the Indian economy (where NSE is controlled by a supposed Himalayan Guru⤡) or other four pillars of democracy.

Whatever data we have gathered about yourself, we have already put together here:


Keeping in mind the characteristic features of your personality, we are following your favourite book, the Gita, by engaging inpariprasna(4.34):

Q1: In the 2011, at time of the UPA Government, in the course of an interview (cited below) you were frustrated with the Indian economic scenario. You had refused to invest in India as according…

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