Mousetrapped: An Open Letter to the Wadhawan Brothers


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 16/01/2023

Dear Kapil and Dheeraj Wadhawan,

At the outset, we must admit your concern for the DHFL as you have repeatedly made sincere efforts for the full repayment of the FD and NCD Holders. It is surprising enough that you, in spite of being the owner, were not made a part of the CoC for DHFL and your voice fell on deaf ears. Thanks to you for your humble concern, but you are trapped by the conspiracy of your professional competitors (cf. Kalyug, 1981; Dir. Shyam Benegal), viz., Adani-Ambani-BJP’s financial surgical strike on the financial sector in India. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has announced the following in clear terms:

Bankruptcy will not void personal guarantees: Supreme Court VIEW HERE(As reported on May 22, 2021 ©The Times of India)

Therefore, you have tried your level best to revive your company’s ownership.

Kapil Wadhawan…

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