BJP and Piramal are afraid: suppression of OBMA’s online activism!

#Seize_Cronies_Fairplay_for_DHFL_Victims #OBMA_TWITTER_BAN_IN_INDIA #restore_freedom_of_speech_and_expression

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 06/03/2023


We are happy to note that some of our tweets on the DHFL Scam are no longer visible in India.

We received an email from the Twitter headquarters on 2:34 am (IST) on 06/03/2023. Through this mail, Twitter communicated to us that one of our website’s profiles: @anekanta01 (along with its associated ones including Ashok Khemka IAS, Akhar Bandyopadhyay, Rupa Sanyal, Mrs Bandana, Once in a Blue Moon Academia, MR S.R.PAL C.A.I.I.B & EX- BANKERand so on) contain multiple tweets that violate the “local laws” of India. Twitter has further stated that it is going to withhold all these tweets in India based on a “court order” from a law or government enforcement agency.

We are happy to note that we are successful in making ourselves heard. We are successful in making the ruling class tremble with fear. This type of suppression of voice or…

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