If SARFAESI (2002) is there, why fluid IBC (2016) is applied to the DHFL?


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 10/03/2023 (IST 01:46)

When we first viewed the acronym “SARFAESI”, we mistook it as “Sarfaroshi”, i.e., revolution. We may have to take recourse to Freudian psychoanalysis in order to interpret our (mis-)perception. In association to this, we recall the song written by Bismil Azimabadi and immortalized by the Indian revolutionaries:“sarfaroshī kī tamannā ab hamāre dil meñ hai, dekhnā hai zor kitnā bāzū-e-qātil meñ hai” (The desire for revolution is in our hearts, let’s see how much strength the enemy has!). This misperception proves our love for our country but not for the government. In the post-independent era, in the contemporary scenario under the BJP rule, this song in interpreted differently. The revolutionary sacrifice for the country and independence have got different connotation within the ambit of Orwellian state. The ruling party has forgotten this ideal of revolution and has instead followed the path of their gurus…

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