Appreciating the Modi Sarkar’s achievements: 7 letters to the President of India et al.

Once in a Blue Moon Academia



The HonourablePresident,

Republic ofIndia,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi- 110004

Sub: Wishing you a peaceful future after extinguishing our family: DHFL FD Holders 

Banks Technically Write Off Over Rs 68,000 Cr Loans, Choksi Among 50 Top Wilful Defaulters: RTI  VIEW HERE⤡

Dear Sir, 

We have nothing new to say to you. We, our family, are just viewing the face of imminent death. If it is a part of Bill Gates’ grand “Depopulation Project” to extinguish the human population for once and for all, let it be so. 

We, on behalf of our family, wish you and your family good health and prosperity in the near future while keeping in mind the consequences of anthropogenic global heating (along with the sudden attacks of bacteria and viruses due to the melting of permafrost), which you can avoid…

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