Please Compose An Obituary For The RBI-Appointed Committee Of Creditors (COC) For The DHFL: A Letter To The President Of India

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“The face of Truth is covered with a brilliant golden lid; that do thou remove, O Pusan, for the law of the Truth and dharma, for sight.”


Mr. Ram Nath Kovind,

The HonourablePresident,

The Republic ofIndia

Sub: Please compose an obituary for the RBI-appointed Committee of Creditors (COC) for the DHFL

Dear Mr. Kovind,

With reference to our letter dated 24th March, 2021: Smelling the rat in the DHFL-COC Resolution Process⤡, we further wish to inform you that the RBI-appointed COC for DHFL Resolution Process is operating excellently. For example, we do not know why have very few selected people got this type of utterly traumatic mail from Ms. Charu Sandeep Desai, Authorized Representative of the Fixed Deposit Holders, citing the Catalyst Trusteeship Limited:

In this regard, we wish…

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