Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 27/08/2022


There is a joke in the public sphere that there are as much as 206 (the number of bones in the human body) communist parties (jokes apart!) and their factions within the Indian nation-state. It is no wonder that the confusion looming over the uniformity in their ideological position is beyond the shred of doubt. The CPI(M), the largest of these multiple factions, is currently the superrich owner of 569 crore assets (as per the ADR and National Election Watch’s Reports). Not only are they one of the richest national parties, they also have a history of maintaining double standards with regard to their ideological position. Common sense and a little bit of education tells us that a communist party ought to have a non-religious, non-capitalist programme of functioning. Yet, the CPIM has been seen across many instances to deviate from their Marxist-Leninist party line! They…

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