Plutocracy Much? Tracing the contemporary crony capitalist regime in India: A CASE-STUDY OF THE DHFL SCAM

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Akhar Bandyopadhyay

Posted on 06/09/2022

i.Where does India stand today: the broader perspective

The year’s 2022. The world as it stands today faces a plethora of conflicts, feuds and other such similar dissociating, disintegrating processes. On the one hand, the Russian aggression on Ukraine coupled with NATO’s determinedly neo-imperialistic role is taking its full toll on innocent people’s lives. On the other hand, the pre-designed pandemic is far from over. However, the South East Asian Subcontinent, especially India, has its own share of socio-political and economic issues.

Population explosion, sky rocketing inflation, unimaginable petrol and gas prices, farmers’ agitations over the legislation of draconian anti-farmer laws, communal (communalist, as in religious fundamentalist/religious extremist)-casteist disharmony—all these divisive processes are taking place simultaneously in a manner that threatens the very foundations upon which the Indian republic was founded initially. The current ruling party of India…

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