Why are Godi Media reluctant to report on the biggest financial scam: DHFL?

#Seize_Cronies_Fairplay_for_DHFL_Victims #Boycott_Piramal #Stop_Piramal_From_Acquiring_DHFL

Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 08/11/2022

I. What do we mean by “Godi Media”?

Godi media(Hindi pronunciation:[ɡoːdiː];lit. ’media sitting on lap’;idiomatic equivalent: ‘lapdog media’;) is apejorativeterm coined and popularized byNDTVjournalistRavish Kumar, the face of fourth and fifth pillars of democracy in India at present, for the sensationalist and biased Indian print and TVnews media, which supports the rulingNDA government led by the BJP. The term has become a common way to refer to television and other media that are perceived as mouthpieces of the current ruling party in India. [Source: Wikipedia ⤡]

It can also be referred to as Modiaunder the Modicrazy!

Here’s a list of the major Godi Media:

II. How does Godi Media or Modia manufacutre consents?

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