Pleading for the DHFL Victims’ assertion of agency- marginalization due to financial abuse: A Letter to Hon’ble CJI Chandrachud

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Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 11/11/2022


JusticeDhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud,

The Honourable Chief Justice of India

Sub:Pleading for the DHFL Victims’ assertion of agency: marginalization due to financial abuse

Dear Sir,

First of all, on the auspicious occasion of your birthday, let every moment of your life be a new birth (mahasthavira jataka).
In the midst of catastrophicanthropogenic glocal heatingand a devastated financial ecosystem, we, the victims of theDewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (henceforth DHFL) scam, are appealing to you, a nature-lover (in terms of theweltanschauung

ofeco-sexuality) and a compassionate person known for furthering the rights of the marginalized groups (the subjugated, objectified subjects of the “othering” process), for providing justice to financially abusedpersons.

Because of evident financial deprivation, the DHFL victims are losing their ‘personhood’, i.e., losing their status as ‘legal persons’per se, thus curtailing…

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