8th April, 1929: a milestone in India’s freedom struggle

Nothing is more valuable than the study & analysis of the revolutionary actions of a country, from which only a few are still regarded as “milestones” or “landmarks” in human history. The Delhi Assembly Bomb action (carried on 8th April, 1929) was among those few splendid revolutionary actions in India, that ideologically shook the imperialist system. Let us join in the initiative of a scientific appreciation of history- for a history without anachronisms. The brightest of all revolutionaries born in India, Com. Bhagat Singh (1907-1931), is the immortal leader of this initiative. The following is a digital tribute to a forgotten revolutionary action from the history of India. This is a “look back” into the action’s deep ideological moorings. This was first made as a Microsoft powerpoint presentation, and later transformed into a PDF to help my keen viewers with an easy access to the gates of Indian revolutionary history, rather a very small yet shining part of it.

Read it, Criticize it, Try to formulate your own ideas with its help!


8th April, 1929 digital art by Akhar.jpg


@Com. Akhar


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