Films Offerings to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 26/11/2022

We, the citizens of India, are offering the following bouquet of films to the exceedingly Honourable PM Narendra Modi and the moral exemplar Home Minister Amit Shah in their joint crusade to restore the democratic values along with peace and tolerance by basing it on horizontal, non-violent mutual aid.

Dear Prime Minister of India,

We are aware that after working for 16-18 hours every day, you are too tired. So, you need some entertainment to avoid the burnout syndrome. We also know that the sword of Damocles is swinging upon your head. This sword is mainly used by the tukde tukde gang, urban naxals, anti-nationals, liberandus etc. Thus, we are offering you the following movies for the sake of your relaxation:


The Death of Stalin VIEW HERE

Schindler’s List (1993) VIEW HERE

The Pianist (2003) VIEW HERE


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