Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 14/01/2023

Dear Alt News,

We are submitting a peculiar case related to financial abuse in India, viz., the biggest financial scam of India. We wish your agency to check the facts related to the Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL), which was put under the IBC (2016) in December, 2019. The shadow bank was deliberately handed over to Piramal Finance through a transparently opaque resolution process.

We are attaching herewith all the documents published on our website. The following questions are to be checked in connection to the said documents:

  1. Who is the present owner of the DHFL?
  2. The hostile takeover of DHFL by Mr. Ajay Piramal is still sub-judice or under adjudication. In these circumstances, How can Piramal claim the ownership status of DHFL while the matter is still awaiting the apex court and International Court (OHCHR, Singapore International Arbitration Centre etc.)’s verdicts?
  3. He is also spreading…

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